Custom Drum Samples by weston cox

Here are two Drum Packs produced by Weston. These samples were recorded in the Music Media Production Studios at Ball State University. These state of the art studios allowed Weston to create solid drum sounds that can be used for multiple genres such as EDM, Hip Hop, and many other genres.

The BIG COX Drum Pack contains drum and cymbal sounds that were intended Hip Hop and EDM. However, you can be creative and use them for anything you desire. It features fifteen different snares, three unique kicks constructed from a floor tom, and RAW files of all drums and cymbals. This kit also includes modern Hi Hat Sounds and unique sound effects. This kit is completely FREE!

The Kolby SMACK! Drum Pack is a drum pack with samples from studio drummer, Kollin Kolb. This pack includes RAW files of Kollin’s kit with various dynamics. All of the samples were recorded with a Mid Side overhead array so that the user has the option of a wider sound with some ambience or a narrower sound. This drum pack is very unique because the snares are two snares that were hand crafted by Kollin. One was crafted from Brazilian Cherry while the other is made from Persimmon Wood. They are both one of a kind and sound great! This kit is also absolutely FREE!


by Weston Cox

Kolby SMACK! Drum Pack

by Weston Cox